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Why Buccleuch Montessori?

Buccleuch Montessori Preschool and Primary is the largest Montessori School in Africa! We owe our success to the consistently high standards we strive for and our passion for educating the ‘whole child’ within the Montessori framework.  

Buccleuch Montessori Preschool and Primary is a multicultural community dedicated to promoting world class Montessori education for children from eighteen months (toddlers) to thirteen years (grade 7) for over fifteen years.

Our Montessori school is ‘child-centred’ and we deeply respect children as unique individuals.

All our school activities are guided by a vision of complete development – cognitive, social, emotional and physical.

Our children are intrinsically motivated, and they succeed because their learning activities incorporate movement and opportunities for independence.

Our children become self-disciplined because they are empowered to choose learning activities designed for their specific developmental and learning needs.

Each classroom is a respectful community of mixed-age learners.

Classrooms and other school spaces are learning environments prepared with curriculum and materials.

Our teachers are passionate Montessorians, educated, registered and certified as Montessori Directresses.

We Offer:

  • A World class Montessori Curriculum.
  • World class Montessori environments.
  • Small Child: Teacher Ratio’s. Toddler 8:1, Preschool 12:1, Primary 16:1
  • Holiday and After-care
  • Many optional extra-mural activities for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • Our Primary learners enjoy a range of activities within the school curriculum such as; Sport/Physical education, Music, Art, Computer studies, regular educational outings and an annual school camp.
  • We are a fully registered school.